Annual Congress

The annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association will take place during the Congress of the Humanities.

Registration for the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities will be required for all participants. Please visit the CFHSS website at

Congress 2017

CPA Annual Congress, Ryerson University, Toronto, May 28 – May 31

Presidential Addresses

At each Annual meeting of the CPA the president for that year addresses the association. Previous addresses may be found on our publications page.

Essay Prizes
Student Essay Prizes

Dialogue, the bilingual journal of the Canadian Philosophical Association, awards up to three prizes each year to papers submitted by students for the Annual Congress of the CPA. Papers submitted by students are double-blind refereed together with papers submitted by faculty and others. One prize is reserved for each official language; prizes are awarded when merited. There is a first prize and two equal second prizes.

Previous student essay prize winners

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Faculty Essay Prizes

The CPA awards two essay prizes for faculty papers submitted to our annual conference: Non-tenured Professor, Lecturer, Sessional Essay Prize; and Tenured Professor Essay Prize.

Faculty Essay Prize winners ...

Previous programmes


Pensées Canadiennes, the Canadian national undergraduate journal of philosophy.

Books for review at Dialogue.

The Equity Committee of the CPA was founded in 1990-1, and works to collect data on the situation of women, visible minorities, philosophers with disabilities, and Aboriginal philosophers in Canada, as well as to share information on best practices to promote equity within the profession. It holds a regular panel as part of the CPA annual meeting to encourage critical reflection on questions of equity. More ...

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See this year's prize winners on the Prizes page.

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