Annual Congress 2012
Wilfrid Laurier University / University of Waterloo
May 27 to May 30, 2012

Registration for the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities is required for all participants. Please visit the CFHSS website at Congress 2012. The Canadian Philosophical Association Congress registration fees are $60 for full members, $30 for students, retired, part-time academics, and $70 for non-members.

The CPA table will be near the area numbered '218' on the floor plan of the Coutts building.

Important information for Delegates to Congress 2012. Sent on behalf of James Skidmore and Eleanor Ty, Congress 2012 Academic Convenors.

CFHSS website:

Programme information

Please note: The lists of abstracts and symposia will not be distributed at the congress. Copies of the programme will be available at the CPA table.

Programmes of other societies
Essay Prizes
Student Essay Prizes

Dialogue, the bilingual journal of the Canadian Philosophical Association, awards up to three prizes each year to papers submitted by students for the Annual Congress of the CPA. Papers submitted by students are double-blind refereed together with papers submitted by faculty and others. One prize is reserved for each official language; prizes are awarded when merited. There is a first prize and two equal second prizes.

NEW! Faculty Essay Prizes

The CPA is introducing two new essay prizes for faculty papers submitted to our annual conference: Non-tenured Professor, Lecturer, Sessional Essay Prize; and Tenured Professor Essay Prize.

Essay prizes ...


Eligibility for a CPA Travel Grant

For CPA members only: Travel Claim Form 2012.

To be eligible for these grants, applicants must:

  • be a member of the CPA for 2012;
  • have paid the registration fees for the CPA Congress;
  • submit the grant application by June 15, 2012;
  • participate in the programme of the CPA at the CFHSS Congress.
Definition of Programme Participants
  1. members of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Administrative Committee;
  2. programme organisers and area co-ordinators;
  3. members who present a paper or commentary, or who participate in symposia, round tables, etc.; chairing a session does not make a member eligible for a travel grant.
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
  1. Only transportation expenses are reimbursable: airline flights, train and bus fares, shuttles / taxis to and from airports, train / bus stations, car mileage allowance from home to Fredericton and return (car rental reimbursements depend on the total number of claims received and the amounts requested).
  2. Priority for funding is given to students, retired and un / under-employed philosophers (less than full-time, twelve-month job at time of application).
  3. The amount refunded depends on the number of claims received and the amounts requested. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the reimbursement amounts until after all the requests are received by the Executive Director.
  4. Since the available funds are limited, members are encouraged to first obtain funding from their own institution or other sources, thus allowing the CPA to help members that do not have access to other funding.
  5. Reimbursements from other sources must be subtracted from the amount of travel expenses claimed from the CPA. Members belonging to more than one association cannot request the same travel expense reimbursement from more than one association.
  6. Original documents must be presented to the CPA with the travel claim form. This includes airline boarding passes, train and bus tickets, original receipts for car rentals, etc. If original documents are not presented, an amount must appear in the “Less anticipated support from other sources for travel expenses” line on the Travel Claim Form.

If you plan on submitting a request for travel expense reimbursement, please do so at the CPA desk at the Congress or by mail to the national office by June 15, 2012. The address can be found on the claim form. Do not leave the filled-in form at the CPA desk if there is no one present.


Pensées Canadiennes, the Canadian national undergraduate journal of philosophy.

Books for review at Dialogue.

The Equity Committee of the CPA was founded in 1990-1, and works to collect data on the situation of women, visible minorities, philosophers with disabilities, and Aboriginal philosophers in Canada, as well as to share information on best practices to promote equity within the profession. It holds a regular panel as part of the CPA annual meeting to encourage critical reflection on questions of equity. More ...

Hitting the Job Market (For job seekers.)

See this year's prize winners on the Prizes page.

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