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Jane DrydenMount Allisonco-Chair
Letitia MeynellDalhousieco-Chair
Veromi ArsiradamWestern
Guillaume BeaulacWestern
Melany BanksWLU
Catherine Clune-TaylorAlberta
Michael Da SilvaToronto
Mathieu DoucetWaterloo
Cindy HolderVictoria
Tracy IsaacsWestern
Ada JaarsmaMount Royal
Chike JeffersDalhousie
Mathieu MarionUQAM
Ben NelsonWaterloo
Dave SavardLaval
Margaret SchabasUBC
Chloë TaylorAlberta

The Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) Equity Committee hosted a moderated conversation on equity issues in the profession on June 3rd at Congress 2008 in Vancouver. Participation from any and all interested parties was welcomed.

The two questions which opened discussion were:

  1. When, and under what conditions, is your research challenged as not really philosophy? Is your research/work never challenged in this way? What might a comparison of these two sets of experiences tell us about some of the subtle ways that authority and equity are linked within the discipline?
  2. What is your department's formal policy or informal attitude toward hiring non-Canadians, and how does this seem to be changing the landscape for equity-seeking groups within the discipline, who are Canadians, or who have been trained at Canadian institutions?

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