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The Canadian Philosophical Association was founded in 1958 to promote philosophical scholarship and education across Canada, and to represent the interests of the profession in public forums. [+].


To promote philosophical scholarship and exchange, the CPA produces quarterly their journal Dialogue [+]

The CPA office is located in the heart of the Faculty of Philosophy at Saint Paul University

We gratefully acknowledge the University's continuing support.
Les bureaux de l'ACP se trouvent au sein de la Faculté de philosophie à l'Université Saint-Paul.

Nous remercions grandement l'Université pour son soutien continu.

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The Equity Committee of the CPA was founded in 1990-1, and works to collect data on the situation of women, visible minorities, philosophers with disabilities, and Aboriginal philosophers in Canada, as well as to share information on best practices to promote equity within the profession. It holds a regular panel as part of the CPA annual meeting to encourage critical reflection on questions of equity. More ...

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Bishop's University

Dept: Department of Philosophy
Chair: Dr. Bruce Gilbert. Departmental Chairperson
Location: Lennoxville
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