Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ethics — University of Toronto

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship to be held at the Centre for Ethics, University of
Toronto (C4E), during the 2017-18 academic year. We welcome candidates with research interests from
diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, philosophy, law, political science, the social sciences,
and the humanities, that further the C4E’s mission as an interdisciplinary centre aimed at advancing
teaching and research in the field of ethics, broadly defined, by bringing together the theoretical and
practical knowledge of diverse scholars, students, public servants and social leaders in order to increase
understanding of the ethical dimensions of individual, social, and political life. To get a sense of the
disciplinary range and diversity of C4E events, activities, and projects, candidates are encouraged to consult
the C4E website (

Under the direction of the Director, Centre for Ethics, the successful candidate will conduct research and
participate in C4E events, activities, and projects, and will help to develop an interdisciplinary ethics
community across campus and to foster public discourse on issues of ethical import in all aspects of
individual, social, and political life. The successful candidate will also be expected to teach one single-semester
course in each of the fall and winter terms.

Full information in the attached PDF document.

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