Searching for Reason and Accountability in Health Care

*Call for Papers*

"Searching for Reason and Accountability in Health Care"


Con Texte, Issue 2

Humanities inquiries have been at times met with scorn from the hard sciences and from experts and practitioners in healthcare. While theoretical and ethical approaches in the humanities are often contested and at times inconsistent (just like any approach put forward in any discipline), they remain crucial for adequate and ethical practices in both medicine and care.

There are various foundations of human health, medicine, and care which are increasingly distrusted.  The volume and accessibility of information does not necessarily hinder our clarity but, in an age of increasing resources and information, the ability to efficiently sift through and comprehend data is increasingly valuable.  The process by which a humanities inquiry comes to positivistic and evidence-based conclusions aids in both knowledge dissemination and in encouraging trust in expert opinion and care. This creative, speculative, critical, and self-reflective type of inquiry can enable us to escape the rigid formulae of scientific methodologies and healthcare practices if these latter become too dogmatic instead of self-critical, or too materialistic instead of humanistic. 

With the second issue of Con Texte, we aim to explore human healthcare and healthcare policies through the theoretical frameworks offered by the disciplines in the humanities such as philosophy, religious studies, cultural studies, literature, and music among many others. We seek full paper submissions (3,000 - 7,000 words) from scholars at all levels and seek a variety of theoretical positions, silenced opinions, thoughtful critiques, and strange perspectives about the value of the humanities.


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Submission Deadline: December 31st 2017