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Proceedings of the 2020 CPA Congress / Compte-rendu du Congrès 2020 de l'ACP

The 2020 CPA Congress Papers / Les textes du Congrès de l'ACP 2020

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy / Philosophie ancienne et philosophie médiévale

Jeffrey Arcand, The Socratic-Daimonic Analogy in Plato's Apology

Pierre-Luc Boudreault, Aristotle’s moderate realism about time

Duncan Campbell, Plato's Theory of Psychic Motion

Louis Groarke, What About the Gods?  Aristotle's Attitude Towards Ancient Greek Notions of Fate (Τύχη)

Saul Madueno, Is teleology basic in Aristotle?

Georges Moyal, La disparition des formes aristotéliciennes - à propos d'une démarche clandestine dans les Méditations *Tenured Professor Essay Prize/Prix de l'essai de professeur-e agrégé-e

Takashi Oki, The Alleged Fallacy in Nicomachean Ethics I.2


Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art / Philosophie des arts et esthétique

Peter Alward, Musical Types and Musical Flexibility



Applied Ethics / Éthique appliquée

Ariane Bakhtiar, Hope and the Wish to Die

Andrew BuzzellNudging, Epistemic Paternalism and the Ethics of Cognitive Security

Patricia Glazebrook, The Ethics of Big Data

Cory Goldstein and Charles Weijer, When is a waiver of consent justifiable for pragmatic trials in a learning health system?

Rand Hirmiz, Advance Directives and Alzheimer's Disease

Carolyn McLeod, 'You could always adopt’: Adoption, solidarity, and the use of ARTs

Thomas Milovac, Trust: A Vital Component of the Medical Encounter

Michael Montess, Understanding the Effects of PrEP on Political Solidarity among MSM: Differences in Sexual Moralities and Intergenerational Views

Andrew Soh, The Good is Being in Place (居善地 jushandi): Recovering Our Sense of Place to Ground an Ethics of the Environment


Decision theory / Théorie de la décision

Ashton Sperry, Learning to be Social: How to use Reinforcement Learning to Explain Cooperative Norms


Feminist philosophy / Philosophie féministe

Harmony Ezeuko, Reconciling Perceptions of Kindness with Racism: Toward a New Conceptual Definition

Leah Gray, Dear All-Male Philosophy Department

Jasper Heaton, Gender Identity and Interpreted Subjectivity

Janet Jones and Katy Fulfer, Narrative Agency and Solidaristic Listening

Andrew Molas, Counterstories, Narrative Repair, and Rewriting the Harmful Stereotypes of Mental Illness

Amber Spence, The Responsive Diversity Worker


History of Philosophy / Histoire de la philosophie

Michael Hymers, Hadot's Later Wittgenstein

Fabio Malfara, God, Mind-Body Union, and the Representationality of Ideas in Arnauld

Scott Metzger, Understanding the Welby-Russell Correspondence *Student Essay Prize/Prix de l'essai d'étudiant-e

Andre Rocha, La téléologie dans l’éthique de Spinoza : un débat encore ouvert, LE PRINCIPE DE BIVALENCE DES VALEURS DE VÉRITÉ DANS LA LOGIQUE DE CLAUBERG

Dylan Shaul, Hegel’s Critique of Kant’s Ethics: Love and the True Infinite


Logic, Philosophy of Math / Logique et philosophie des mathématiques



Metaethics / Métaéthique

Henry Krahn, Thick Non-Naturalism

Madhavi Mohan, Thick Terms, Speaker Values, and the Semantic View

Cameron Yetman, Why Traditional Moral Error Theory is Doomed to Fail


Metaphysics & Epistemology / Métaphysique et épistémologie

Gilles Beauchamp, How Social Epistemology Can Give Guidelines for Religious Education

Daniel Munro, The Epistemology of Constructive Memory

Jan Swiderski, Understanding and Metaphysical Coherentism *Student Essay Prize/Prix de l'essai d'étudiant-e


Philosophy of Mind / Philosophie de l’esprit

Fermín Fulda, Intentionality, Agency and Organismal Evolution: An Ecological Approach

Aaron Henry, Is there a ‘Disappearing Agent Problem’ for reductive-causal theories of action?

Angela Mendelovici, Phenomenal Intentionality and Truth and Reference


Moral Psychology / Psychologie morale

Neil Campbell, Reactive Attitudes: Avoiding the Crude Opposition of Phrase

Oisin Deery, Human and artificially intelligent agents: A unified account


Normative Ethics / Éthique normative 

Federica Berdini and Sofia Bonicalzi, The social learning pathway to moral responsibility

Owen Clifton, Associative Duties, General Duties, and the Duty to Maximize Welfare

Jennifer Flynn, Moral Sensibility and Moral Justification in Bioethics

Emma Mcclure, Are Microaggressions a Collective Harm Problem


Philosophy of Science / Philosophie des sciences 

Soohyun Ahn, How Non-Epistemic Values Can Be Epistemically Beneficial in Scientific Classification

Alex Gruenewald, How Taking Disease out of Medical Models gives Medical Interventions back their Value: The Case of the Trans Patient

Erin Ward, Opening the Black Box; Consensus Formation and Public Mistrust of Science


Social and Political Philosophy / Philosophie sociale et politique

Kaveh Boveiri, Une justice pragmatique ?

Alex Bryant, Joint Commitment-Based Legal Human Rights: With and Against Gilbert

Shannon Dea, On Silence

Eduardo Fuentes, Religious toleration and the dual description of objections

Alistair Macleod, Arguing for Human Rights: Three Requirements

Nicholas Murphy, Public Apologies for Historical Injustice: Who (or What) is Apologizing?

Jaclyn Rekis, The Silencing of Religious Reasons

Jorge Sanchez-Perez, Social Contract as a Methodology: A Theory of Pre-Contractual Elements

Eric Shoemaker, Rawls’ Equal Political Liberties & Randomly Selected Legislators

Sandra Tomsons, The Nation-To-Nation Fantasy and Justice for Indians