Equity Committee

The Equity Committee of the CPA was founded in 1990-1, and works to collect data on the situation of women, visible minorities, philosophers with disabilities, and Aboriginal philosophers in Canada, as well as to share information on best practices to promote equity within the profession. It holds a regular panel as part of the CPA annual meeting to encourage critical reflection on questions of equity.

At the November 1990 meeting of the Executive, then President of the Canadian Philosophical Association, Louise Marcil-Lacoste, was authorized to form a committee to study the hiring policies of Canadian departments of philosophy with respect to the recruitment of women. The membership of the committee was established in December 1990.


Committee 2018-2020

Jenna Woodrow (Co-Chair)

Thompson Rivers University

Meredith Schwartz (Co-Chair)

Ryerson University

Delphine Abadie (SPQ Liaison)

Université de Montréal

Sylvia Berryman


Sandra DeVries

Waterloo University

Tiffany Gordon

Dalhousie University

Chandra Kavanagh

McMaster University

Holly Longair

Carleton University

Andrew Molas

York University

Tim Mt Pleasant

Ryerson University

David Rondel

University of Nevada, Reno

Jordan Wadden


Jason Wokna

University of Alberta 

Audrey Yap



The Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) Equity Committee hosted a moderated conversation on equity issues in the profession on June 3rd at Congress 2008 in Vancouver. Participation from any and all interested parties was welcomed.

The two questions which opened discussion were:

  1. When, and under what conditions, is your research challenged as not really philosophy? Is your research/work never challenged in this way? What might a comparison of these two sets of experiences tell us about some of the subtle ways that authority and equity are linked within the discipline?
  2. What is your department's formal policy or informal attitude toward hiring non-Canadians, and how does this seem to be changing the landscape for equity-seeking groups within the discipline, who are Canadians, or who have been trained at Canadian institutions?


Reports and Findings

The Equity Committee produces regular reports, equity alerts, and survey results. Find them all on our Reports page.


Hiring Toolkit

The Canadian Philosophical Association and many departments of philosophy in Canada are committed to increasing the representation of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and aboriginal people among faculty members. Important though it is to affirm this ideal, it is rather more difficult to achieve it in practice. Statistics gathered by the CPA Equity Committee show that while some departments have been successful in increasing the representation of these designated groups on faculty, most departments have at best had mixed success.

While the CPA Equity Committee will continue to encourage departments to strive to increase the representation of designated groups on faculty, we can perhaps help most by showing how member departments have actually taken concrete steps towards this goal. To that end, we initiated a survey of member departments that asked them to share information about the policies and practices employed in hiring; our goal was to assemble a toolkit of 'best hiring practices' to be made available to all members of the CPA, so that Departments that affirmed the ideal of increasing the representation of designated group members on faculty could enact concrete steps to further the ideal in particular hires.

This document represents the outcome of that survey, and our reflections upon it... Download the Hiring Toolkit here: English version / French version



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