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Hiring Toolkit

Hiring Toolkit

The Canadian Philosophical Association and many departments of philosophy in Canada are committed to increasing the representation of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and aboriginal people among faculty members. Important though it is to affirm this ideal, it is rather more difficult to achieve it in practice. Statistics gathered by the CPA Equity Committee show that while some departments have been successful in increasing the representation of these designated groups on faculty, most departments have at best had mixed success.

While the CPA Equity Committee will continue to encourage departments to strive to increase the representation of designated groups on faculty, we can perhaps help most by showing how member departments have actually taken concrete steps towards this goal. To that end, we initiated a survey of member departments that asked them to share information about the policies and practices employed in hiring; our goal was to assemble a toolkit of 'best hiring practices' to be made available to all members of the CPA, so that Departments that affirmed the ideal of increasing the representation of designated group members on faculty could enact concrete steps to further the ideal in particular hires.

This document represents the outcome of that survey, and our reflections upon it...

Hiring toolkit     English version (pdf) / French version (pdf)