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Canadian Philosophical Association Faculty Essay Prize Winners

The Canadian Philosophical Association is pleased to announce the winners of the Faculty Essay prizes for 2019

φ  Non-tenured Professor, Lecturer, Sessional Essay Prize

        Vucu, Simona (Toronto) —   "Causal Powers as Accidents: Thomas Aquinas’s view"

φ  Tenured Professor Essay Prize

        Kenyon, Tim (Brock)  "Peer idealization, internal examples, and the meta-philosophy of genius in the epistemology of disagreement"

Previous Faculty Essay Prize Winners

Non-tenured Professor, Lecture, Sessional Essay Prize
Authors with a completed PhD who are either pre-tenure (tenure-stream) or non-tenured.


    •    2018 — Epstein, Peter (Cambridge), "A Priori Concepts in Euclidean Proof"

    •    2017 — Côté-Bouchard, Charles (Rutgers), "Is Epistemic Normativity Value-based?"

    •    2016 — Alida Liberman (Western), "Understanding Vows"

    •    2015 — Howard Nye (Alberta), "The Value of Neutral Experience"

    •    2014 — Susan Dieleman (Dalhousie), "Meeting Philosophy's Demographic Challenges"

    •    2013 — David Bourget (Western), "Representationalism and Perceptual Distortion"

    •    2012 — Allen Habib (Calgary), "Sharing the Earth, by Parts and by Turns"


Tenured Professor Essay Prize
Authors with a completed PhD who have been awarded tenure.*

    •    2018 — McIver Lopes, Dominic (UBC), "Aesthetic Value Naturalism"

    •    2017 — Brown, Bryson (Lethbridge), "Paraconsistency, Pluralistic Models and Reasoning in Climate Science"

    •    2016 — Peter Alward (Saskatchewan), "Cliffhangers and Sequels: A Limited Defense of Authorial Intentions as Narrative Truth-makers"

    •    2015 — Kent Peacock (Lethbridge), "Reticence, Responsibility, and Climate Science: Why Climate Scientists Sometimes Need to Think Like Emergency Room Doctors"

    •    2014 — Violetta Igneski (McMaster), "The Human Right to Subsistence and the Collective Duty to Aid"

    •    2013 — Dea, Shannon (Waterloo), "A Harm Reduction Approach to Abortion"

    •    2012 — Sandra Lapointe (McMaster), "Bolzano, Leibniz and Kant"