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ACP Student Essay Prize Previous Winners

Previous winners


  •     1st — Daniel Rodrigues, “Civility, Trust, and Responding to Echo Chambers” 

  •     2nd — Soohyun Ahn, “A Contextual Analysis of Values in Theory Appraisal” 

  •     1st — Jean-François Rioux, “Le pouvoir des anonymes (Hegel, Ricœur, Havel)"



  •     1st (tied) — Scott Metzger (McMaster University) , “Understanding the Welby-Russell Correspondence”

  •     1st (tied) — Jan Swiderski (Syracuse University), “Understanding and Metaphysical Coherentism”

  •     1st — Jean-François Rioux, "« Trois idées directrices de la philosophie de Dilthey »


   •     1st — Marie-Kerguelen Le Blevennec (Boston University) "Les droits culturels comme droits individuels”

   •     1st — Robert Matyasi and Damian Melamedoff (Toronto) "Moore on the Unreality of Agent-Relative Value"


    •    1st —  Gagné-Julien, Anne-Marie (UQAM): "Boorse et le mouvement antipsychiatrique : même combat?"

    •    1st — Lilly, Whitney (Northwestern): “Constitutive Reasons and the Suspension of Judgment”

    •    2nd — Taylor, Evan (UofT): “Two puzzles about insight in obsessive-compulsive disorder”


    •    1st — Falbo, Arianna (SFU), "Analyzing the Wrongness of Lying: A Defence of Pluralism"

    •    1st — Juvshik, Tim (Massachusetts at Amherst), "Relativity and the Causal Efficacy of Abstract Objects"


    •    1st — Nicholas Slothouber (Western), "Psychiatric Nosology Constrained by Underlying Causal Mechanisms?"

    •    1st — Jessica Wright (Toronto), "Disassociating Implicit Attitudes"

    •    2nd — Emma Ryman (Western), "Fiduciary Duties to Future Persons"

    •    1st — Jennifer Epp (Western), "Why the Epistemic Effects of Oppression Must Matter in Feminist Theory".
    •    2nd — Jamie Shaw (Western), "A Tale of Two Pluralisms: Why Science Needs Metaphysics".
    •    2nd — Jean—Charles Pelland (UQÀM), "Les numéraux avant les nombres? L’esprit étendu et la cognition numérique".


    •    Melissa Macaulay (Western), "The Phenomenology of Transience"
    •    Luke Roelofs (Toronto), "The Unity of Consciousness, Within Subjects and Between Subjects"


    •    1st — Kyle Johannsen (Queen's), "On the Normative Status of Justice"
    •    2nd —Andrew P. Ross (Queen’s), "Self—defense, Threats, and Burden Distribution"


    •    1st — Lee—Anna Sangster (Western), "The Empty Threat of the Empty HOT Objection to HOT Theory"
    •    2nd — Owen Pikkert (McMaster), "Two Deflationary Approaches to Ontology"
    •    2nd — Christiane Bailey (Montréal), "La genèse des existentiaux dans la vie animale chez Heidegger"

    •    1st — Juhani Yli—Vakkuri (Oxford), "Epistemicism with Wordly Vagueness".
    •    2nd — Margot Strohminger (St Andrews), "Fundamentally A Posteriori Modal Knowledge".
    •    2nd — Pierre—Yves Rochefort (Montréal), "La permanence de la question du réalisme dans la pensée d'Hilary Putnam".

    •    1st — Patrick Bondy (McMaster), "Intentionality and Epistemic Justification".
    •    1st — John Mackay (Princeton), "Conditionals, Mood and Binding".

    •    1st — Mike Hinds (McMaster), "Defining Pornography".
    •    1st — Kristina Biniek (UWO), "Aristotle's Gradualism".

    •    1st — Pablo Escobar (Guelph), "The Motive to Suspend in Locke's Essay".
    •    2nd — Emerson Doyle (UWO), "A Problem with Negative Properties in Intuitionistic Mathematics".
    •    2nd — Morgane Paris (Montréal), "La théorie somatico—cognitive des émotions".

    •    1st — Victor Kumar (Alberta), "Knowing—How and Knowing—That".
    •    2nd — Mark Young (Ottawa), "In Defence of the Liberal Perspective on Moral Education".

    •    1st — Martin Godwyn (UBC), "Extended Cognition and the Coupling—Constitution Fallacy".
    •    2nd — Timothy L. Brownlee (Boston U.), "Hegel's Concept of Moral Evil".
    •    2nd — François Jaran—Duquette (Montréal), "L'interprétation « anthropologisante » d' Être et temps".

    •    1st — Helga Varden (Toronto), "Kant and Dependency Relations".
    •    2nd — Mitia Rioux—Beaulne (Montréal), "La question de l'imagination dans les Lumières françaises : le cas de Voltaire".
    •    2nd — Shelley Weinberg (Toronto), "Possible World Construction and the Paradox of Compossibility".

    •    1st — Joseph Millum, "A Functional Foot? ".
    •    2nd — Benoît Castelnérac, "Niveaux d'éducation et législation dans les Lois de Platon".
    •    2nd — Mark Capustin, "Internalism and “Impulsional Evidence”".

    •    1st — Mélanie Frappier, "Dialectic and Heisenberg's Microscope Thought Experiment".
    •    2nd — Karen Bardsley, "Seeing All Dimensions: Illusion and the Perception of Cinematic Depth".

    •    1st — Travis Hreno, "Jury Nullification: The Jurisprudence of a Juror's Privilege".
    •    2nd — Paul Los, "Problems Concerning Belief in Russell's Epistemology".
    •    2nd — Syliane Charles, "La métaphysique leibnizienne, source paradoxale de l'esthétique moderne".

    •    1st — Jesus Aguilar, "Agency Attribution and Control: On Dretske's Challenge to the Causal Theory of Action".
    •    2nd — Jimmy Plourde, "Remarques au sujet du Tractatus et des modalités".
    •    2nd — Pierre Chételat, "The Necessity of the Dialectical Development in Hegel's Logic".

    •    1st — Jason Scott Robert, "The Homeobox Genes in Development and Evolution: Sceptical Considerations".
    •    1st — Andrea Westlund, "Selflessness and Responsibility for Self: Is Agency Compatible with Deference?".

    •    1st — Paul Raymont, "Are Mental Properties Causally Relevant?".
    •    2nd — Sébastien Charles, "L'immatérialisme dans la littérature clandestine du siècle des Lumières".
    •    2nd — Antonia Lolordo, "Probability and Skepticism about Reason in Hume's “Treatise”".

    •    1st — Mark Silcox, "Quinean Indeterminism: Back from the Crypt?".
    •    2nd — Sandra Lapointe, "Histoire et Philosophie chez Husserl: un mariage conclu au Paradis".
    •    2nd — Kathryn Morris, "Hobbe's Method of Analysis and Synthesis".

    •    1st — Arthur Sullivan, "Descriptive Names and the Contingent A Priori".
    •    2nd — Jean—Frédéric Lafaille, "Qu'est—ce que le Pluralisme Culturel?".
    •    2nd — Blain Everett Neufield, "Kymlicka and the Normative Status of Autonomy".

    •    1st — Andrew Botterell, "Innocence Lost: Davidsonian Semantics and Interpreted Logical Forms".
    •    2nd — Krister Bykvist, "Utilitarian Ontologies: On Preference Utilitarianism and Agent—Relative Value".
    •    2nd — Luc Faucher, "Explication psycho évolutionniste des émotions et constructionisme: résolution de la dichotomie".

    •    1st — Emily Carson, "Kant on Definitions in Mathematics".
    •    2nd — Jillian McIntosh, "What Isn't Wrong with Teleological Functionalism? ".
    •    2nd — Mylène Dufour, "Temporalité et éthique chez Aristote".


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