1. Everyone submitting an individual paper or a proposal for a symposium must be a current CPA member.  On-line payment is available through the CPA website
  2. Partial reimbursement of travel costs is only available to students, part-time faculty and unemployed members.



  1. Proposals for symposia must be submitted by email to Chris Viger, Program Chair ( by midnight Sunday, November 3, 2019 . A complete list of participants, including chair, is required. All participating Canadian philosophers must be current CPA members.
  2. The length of the session is limited to a half-day.
  3. Limit of one symposium proposal per organizer.
  4. Please note that strong preference will be given to submissions that include at least one presentation in French.



  1. All texts must be submitted in English or in French through the abstract management portal The deadline for submitting is midnight Sunday, January 12, 2020 .
  2. Submissions must be prepared for anonymous refereeing: all identifying information must be removed.
  3. Limit of one submission per author, except that two different submissions may come from one author provided that one is written and presented in English and one is written and presented in French. A co-author of a submission is not entitled to additional submissions. 


There are two formats for individual paper submissions.

 a)  Submit a completed paper of no more than 3000 words. Papers exceeding this word count will not be considered.  Word count does not include the bibliography, notes or abstract. Submitted papers must include an abstract of no more than 50 words. Accepted papers will be scheduled for hour-long sessions with assigned commentators.

 b)  Submit an abstract of no more than 500 words (excluding bibliography). Accepted abstracts will be scheduled for half-hour sessions but will not be assigned commentators. Abstracts are not eligible for essay prizes.