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 Aitéo, Memorial University of Newfoundland's undergraduate journal of philosophy, has extended the submission deadline for the Winter 2018/19 Edition! The current deadline is February 12, 2019. Use the form attached to submit your paper, and be careful to follow the instructions. We encourage all philosophy undergraduate students to submit papers, and allow submissions from current graduate students so long as the paper was written during their undergraduate program. 

You may submit your essay at the following link (, or email as an attachment to As well, we will be happy to address any questions or accessibility concerns. We aim to be as accommodating as possible.

Please ensure your submission:

1. Is an academic essay that has been submitted to a professor and has received an A-range grade.
2. Has been revised prior to submission.
3. Is between 2500 and 5000 words.
4. Is a philosophy paper and/or substantively approaches its content from a philosophical perspective.
5. Is formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.*
6. Is prepared for double-blind peer-review.**
7. Includes a title page submitted as a separate document.
8. Includes an abstract (~150-250 wds).

**To ensure fairness, Aitéo uses a double-blind peer-review procedure during the initial review process. To prepare your document for review, please ensure that:

1. Identifying information, such as professor's name, author's name, or student number, does not appear anywhere in the document itself.
2. If used, self-citations do not identify you as the author of the essay.
3. Finally, any identifying metadata that may be attached to the file is removed.

We look forward to reviewing your essay!



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 January 31, 2019