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Call for Abstracts: The Canadian Section of the IVR

Call for Abstracts: The Canadian Section of the IVR

*Call for Abstracts* 

The Canadian Section of the IVR

York University, May 28, 2023


(The CS-IVR meets as an affiliate of the
Canadian Philosophical Association)


Every year, the Canadian Section of the IVR (International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy) holds a conference devoted to subjects in law, legal theory, and moral and political philosophy. While we welcome papers on any topics in these fields, this year we particularly encourage papers which focus on one (or both) of the following themes:

(i) law and justice in relation to Indigenous Peoples; we invite papers examining legal,political and moral questions that need to be addressed as we work toward greater justice in settler-Indigenous relations. Special consideration will be given to papers examining Indigenous scholars’ understanding of these issues.

(ii) climate change; we invite papers investigating the legal, moral, and political dimensions of issues of climate degradation, action, and sustainability, all broadly understood.

The meeting will follow the usual format of the CS-IVR. Papers accepted for these sessions are circulated (via a Dropbox link) ahead of the meeting to those registered for the conference. Anyone who is registered can write commentaries on a paper (or papers). Commentaries are also circulated ahead of the meeting. To allow maximum time for discussion at these sessions, authors briefly summarize their main points rather than read their papers or commentaries.

Registration: please e-mail with a copy to to be added to the listserv for the conference. *Please note: while the meeting is planned for in-person, there will also be an option to join remotely via Zoom.

Here are the Submission Deadlines for the Meeting:

  • Friday, March 17, 2023: Brief Abstracts (maximum 750 words) of papers should be sent to with a copy to Abstracts will be refereed by the end of March. Abstracts should give a summary of the question(s) and argument of the paper.
  • Friday, April 21: All accepted papers (maximum 5000 words) should be sent to with a copy Excerpts from larger papers and drafts in progress are welcome.
  • Wednesday, May 17: All commentaries (maximum 1200 words) should be sent to with a copy to
  • Conference: May 28, 2023

Further information about the CS-IVR, as well as past programmes, can be found here:

 February 07, 2023