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Call for Abstracts: Thirty-Sixth International Social Philosophy Conference


Thirty-Sixth International Social Philosophy Conference

Sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy

with the Department of Philosophy, University of San Francisco July 11-13, 2019


Proposals in all areas of social philosophy are welcome, but special attention will be devoted to the theme:

Home: Sanctuary, Shelter, and Justice


Some possible paper topics include:

  • Membership in families

  • Membership in communities

  • Group identity

  • Transnational identities

  • Identity, immigration, and assimilation

  • Caregiving and care receiving

  • Care and Justice: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities

  • Philosophical perspectives on welcoming and openness

  • Philosophical perspectives: What it means to be at home and/or homeless

  • Homeless in the academy: Conservative political philosophy

  • Future society and/or technology in reference to the meaning of home

  • Collective activity and/or collective care

  • Proper citizenship

  • Neoliberalism and social responsibility

  • Philosophical perspectives on discrimination

  • Sanctuary and “homeplacing”

  • Sanctuary, shelter, and living “in-between” worlds

  • Sanctuary, shelter, and justice as related to gender

  • Feeling at home/homeless in reference to gender

  • Recreation, play, and social concerns• Leisure and the common good

  • Classical philosophical perspectives on the meaning of community

  • Educating for social justice and/or citizenship

  • Educational rights in reference to immigrants and the homeless

  • Educational levels and feeling at home within society

  • The ethics of social practices

  • The status of community and home in an age of political division

  • Citizenship and civic obligation

  • Religious belief and the feeling of home/homeless

  • Religious belief and security, justice, and/or shelter

  • The connection between food, water, and security

  • The effects of health and well-being on security

  • Public institutions security

  • Philosophical perspectives on sanctuary, shelter, and/or justice


We welcome submissions from both members and non-members, but we require that all presenters join the North American Society for Social Philosophy if their papers are accepted and if they present at the conference.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019. Please submit a 300 word abstract at:


The Program Committee:

Geoff Karabin, Neumann University (chair) Roksana Avali, University of Oklahoma Laura Kane, University of Tampa

Local host: Jeff Paris, University of San Francisco David Stump, University of San Francisco Ron Sundstrom, University of San Francisco

Members of the Program Committee may be reached at:

NASSP Support for International Presenters

The NASSP will waive fees for conference registration and for the banquet for those participants traveling from outside of the United States and Canada.

NASSP Conference Awards for Graduate Students:

The North American Society for Social Philosophy has established the NASSP Awards for Best Graduate Student Papers to promote new scholarship in social philosophy and to encourage student participation in our Conference.

The winners of the annual prizes. The prizes are awarded only to conference attendees, though there is no obligation to use the money for conference-related costs. Any graduate student enrolled in a program towards a degree beyond the B.A. or first university diploma is eligible.

The paper may address any topic in social philosophy. Papers should be no more than 3,000 words (include a word count with submission), and they should conform to the requirements set out by the APA for colloquium submissions to annual Divisional meetings.

Those who want to be considered for this award should send their full papers on or before February 15 to – and they should also submit abstracts to the site by February 15, 2019.

 September 25, 2018