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Job posting - Ethics Bowl Canada/Coupe éthique du Canada

Job posting - Ethics Bowl Canada/Coupe éthique du Canada

Ethics Bowl Canada Bilingual Projects Coordinator

This is a unique opportunity to do philosophical outreach work supporting a fast-growing non-profit! You will support the organization of Coupes Éthiques in French-speaking regions (often organized by partner universities), and help with the organization of a National Coupe Éthique. Working alongside Ethics Bowl Canada’s Co-General Managers, you will support the day-to-day activities of the organization, including: overseeing committees, aiding in fundraising and grant-writing efforts, creating educational and promotional material, designing and maintaining the French side of the Ethics Bowl Canada website, and other duties as determined by the Board and Executive of Ethics Bowl Canada. See Job Posting for more details.

Apply by July 12, 2024.


Ethics Bowl Canada / Coupe Éthique du Canada is a national not-for-profit corporation, aiming to advance philosophy education and the quality of civic discourse by developing and delivering dialogue-based events for high school and university students.