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Congress 2021

  • Jennifer Burns posted an article
    The CPA honours the decision of the Black Canadian Studies Association to withdraw from Congress. see more

    Members of the CPA might be aware that the Black Canadian Studies Association has decided to withdraw from Congress 2021, and that some others societies have also withdrawn from Congress in support of the BCSA. The BCSA has asked all learned societies to consider the steps they might take, appropriate to their circumstances, to address racism (see their statement).

    The CPA honours the decision of the BCSA to withdraw from Congress. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated already existing inequities, increasing the burden on those institutions that have led efforts to combat racism in Canada. The CPA can do its part by exposing philosophy’s role in contributing to colonialism and the social formation of race, by promoting reflection on how the tools of philosophy can be used to deal in an effective way with race thinking (see the CPA Board Statement of June 2020), and by engaging in dialogue with Congress partners about how Congress can better serve its diverse constituencies.

    Therefore, the CPA Executive Committee is making its best efforts to organize two special events at the 2021 Annual Meeting, a plenary keynote address and a roundtable on race in philosophy. These events will be scheduled for 2022 if they cannot be held this year, together with panels that were planned for 2020 and which have been postponed until we can meet in person again.

    In order to broaden access to the discussion, and to all the benefits of the program, the Executive also announces that the CPA will waive conference registration fees for non-members who are black, Indigenous, or other people of colour. (There are no fees for members this year.) The Federation is also waiving its some of its conference fees.

    The Federation’s Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization is expected to deliver a report in April recommending steps Congress can take to be more accessible and inclusive, and to better serve efforts to confront social injustice. The CPA Executive Committee urges the Federation to act swiftly on the Advisory Committee’s recommendations and commits to working with the BCSA and other learned societies to help address the challenge that racism poses to Canadian society.


    The CPA Executive Committee

    The CPA Equity Committee








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    All registration fees waived for students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Colour. see more

    Le français suit. 

    Early bird registration ends Wednesday, March 31

    You have until March 31st to benefit from discounted Congress registration rates. Thanks to a generous donation from Trent University, the Association Conference Fee for all current members of the Canadian Philosophical Association has been waived for 2021. We also include all non-member participants who identify as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour in this offer. Please consult the chart below for more details. 


    Complimentary Congress registration for students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour

    If you are a Student (member or non-member) who self-identifies as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour, your 2021 Congress fee is waived. Please use this link to complete your registration (you will need to copy it into your browser):  You will select the Student Member option for your Association Conference registration.  



    Participant Fees

    Early Bird Congress

    (before March 31)

    Early Bird CPA

    Regular Congress

    (as of April 1) 

    Regular CPA 
    Member  $140  $0  $165  $0
    Student/Retired/Unwaged Member  $55  $0  $70  $0
    Student Member who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour   $0  $0 $0  $0
    Non-member   $140   $40   $165  $40
    Non Member who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour  $140 ($55 Retired/ Unwaged) $0 $165 ($70 Retired/Unwaged) $0
    Student/Retired/Unwaged Non-member $55 $40 $70 $40
    Student Non-Member who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Colour  $0 $0 $0 $0


    Please contact if you have any questions. For more information and to register, visit


    Congress 2021 Quick Links

    CPA Congress 2021 web page

    CPA Membership - Join or Renew

    Congress 2021 website




    Tarifs de préinscription au Congrès se terminent le 31 mars

    L'offre pour bénéficier des tarifs de préinscription au Congrès se termine le 31 mars. Grâce à un don généreux de l' Université Trent, le frais des conférences d'association est annulé pour les membres de l'Association canadienne de philosophie. Nous incluons également les non-membres qui s'identifient comme personnes noires ou autochtones dans cette offre. Veuillez consulter le table ci-dessous pour plus de détails. 


    Accès gratuit au Congrès pour étudiants qui s'identifient comme des personnes noires ou autochtones 

    Si vous assistez à une conférence d'association au Congrès et que vous êtes un(e) étudiant(e) qui s'identifie comme une personne noire ou autochtone, vous n'aurez pas à payer de frais d'inscription au Congrès 2021. Veuillez utiliser le lien d'inscription suivant (vous devrez copier et coller le lien dans votre navigateur):  Vous sélectionnez l'option Membre, étudiant pour votre inscription. 



    Frais d'inscriptions

    Tarifs de préinscription au Congrès

    (date limite 31 mars)

    Tarifs de préinscription au conférence de l'ACP


    Tarif d'inscription au Congrès 

    (à compter du 1er avril)

    Tarif d'inscription  au conférence de l'ACP
     Membre  $140  $0  $165  $0
     Membre  Étudiant, retraité et non salarié  $55  $0  $70  $0
     Membre Étudiant qui s'identifie comme personne noire ou autochtone  $0  $0 $0  $0
     Non-membre   $140   $40   $165  $40
     Non-Membre qui s'identifie comme personne noire ou autochtone  $140 ($55 retraité et non salarié)  $0  $165 ($70 retraité et non salarié)  $0
    Non-Membre  Étudiant, retraité et non salarié $55 $40 $70 $40
    Non-Membre , Étudiant qui s'identifie comme personne noire ou autochtone  $0 $0 $0 $0

     Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter administration@acpcpa.caPour plus d'informations et pour vous inscrire, visitez le page web à


    Liens directs

    Congrès 2021 de l'ACP - page web


    Congrès 2021 - site web



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    Deadline extended! The CPA invites submissions for its 2021 annual meeting. see more











    *Call for Papers - Extended Deadline!*

    The Canadian Philosophical Association

    2021 Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

    May 31- June 3 2021

    University of Alberta

    Edmonton, AB


    The Canadian Philosophical Association invites submissions of papers, abstracts, and Invited Symposium proposals for the 2021 annual meeting. This meeting is part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and will take place alongside meetings of other learned societies. The CPA meeting will take place May 31 – June 3 and will include up to ten concurrent sessions. Every area of philosophy is represented, with several hundred philosophers attending from across the globe. The Canadian Journal of Philosophy sponsors a plenary keynote given by a distinguished philosopher. The program committee anonymously referees abstracts as well as full papers and will consider proposals for Invited Symposia. Submissions in all areas of philosophy are welcome. The Association is committed to organizing an accessible and inclusive meeting.

    The 2021 Congress will be virtual. For more information, visit

    The deadline for Invited Symposium proposals is midnight, November 30, 2020. The deadline for abstract and paper submissions is midnight, January 18, 2021. For detailed instructions, please visit

    Volunteers to chair or comment are encouraged. To volunteer, please visit